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I increase your Twitter presence, get your newsletters going or build your new website - all the time, showing you how so you'll confidently continue to build your own business. 

Thank you for enlightening me in the ways of the corporate world and social media. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.
— Dwight Hove, Community Cycles Leicester

Twitter management

Set up Twitter account

Write and update bio and profile page

Tweet 7 days a week with image/link

Engage with potential customers

Organise offer/competition

Advise on full social media strategy

Allow from £60 pcm

Events, launches and shows

Create the event

Manage guest list

Source and liaise with venue

Source and liaise with caterer

Set up at venue

Source photographer, entertainer, caterer etc.

Liaise with all suppliers

Help promote event

Allow from £60 or £600 for full day

Website creation

Build a website on Squarespace - the easy platform for non-technical people to use

Set up the 5 main pages 

Create the look and feel using your images, content, colours & logo

Include testimonials, contacts, social media, subscription forms as required

Show you how it's done so you can add more content

Be at the end of the phone/email to guide you for a whole month

Allow from £350


Design the look of your perfect newsletter

Help you collate content

Compile newsletter including links to blog posts, events, offers. 

Add images

Use your brand colours

Send it to your list of subscribers


Allow from £90 per letter


Design an image lead flyer

Promote your product/service to bloggers

Write a press alert

Gather testimonials or reviews

Curate or write blog post

Allow from £60 for each service

If you have a budget in mind, complete the details below or email me with any questions. Happy to help!

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