Learning sessions that help people to think more creatively, adopt new ways of working and develop a new mindset.

Digital skills update to ensure people being productive and stress-free.

Action Learning brings out the best in a group of like-minded people. It works by asking challenging or probing questions which lead to solutions to problems:

  • For organisations, it helps to find common objectives.
  • For small businesses it helps to form immediate and effective plans to solve current issues. 

Schools and colleges

I facilitate events that encourage and inspire young people to think about their future.

Careers sessions topics include:

  • Uncovering unadvertised  jobs
  • Money management
  • How can I sell my skills?
  • What work skills do these subjects give me? 
  • Plus CVs, interviews, self-branding workshops

Finance sessions topics include:

  • The importance of saving to achieve girls
  • An introduction to banking
  • How to be a savvy consumer
  • Understanding financial products
  • Student finance
  • How to maintain a good credit rating


  • Organise events where students think more creatively, learn to present their ideas and then confidently enter the employment market.
  • Facilitate careers sessions on uncovering the unadvertised jobs, networking, building a professional brand and the importance of a mentor.
I love that the glass is always half full with Rickie. I have come to appreciate her consistency; the positive sort of consistency, always solution focused, sharing ideas, links, experience in how to get the job at hand done.
— Simbi Folarin -