Great working with Rickie. She challenges you and makes you really work things out for yourself, all done in a very supportive way.

I have definitely gained from working with Rickie as I’m much more attentive to what I ask and why and then HOW. Def noticing the difference in terms of how more impactful I can be !!!
— Linda O'Sullivan, social entrepreneur
If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have kept pushing through to get my first contract and sell my first products. So thank you for your support and being so motivational - you’re Ayce!
Thank you for your time, support, guidance and energy Rickie. I really appreciate the commitment that you have shown to help me get my business off the ground. The actions sound easy when you say it, but the advice is priceless and has made all the difference.There are so many steps to overcome and sometimes it is not clear what and how to prioritise, whilst dealing with the day to day challenges. The guidance on the address, the website,the business cards, letterheads and how to avoid some of the pitfalls has been invaluable. I really appreciate all that you have given of yourself and wish you every success in your endeavours too.
— Maxine,
As our Learning Manager on the 2013 SSE Programme Rickie was supportive and genuinely caring whilst remaining professional. Rickie was able to show empathy to all the budding entrepreneurs. Rickie instilled confidence and enabled me to believe in my business. Without Rickie’s help The Green Oak Foundation CIC would not have grown into the successful company that it is today. Thank you so much Rickie.
— Alison Owen
Rickie is a joy to work with she explains things in a clear and concise manner you learn without being taught.
— Colin Knott -
It has been a joy working with Rickie. Her knowledge and enthusiasm is outstanding and she is always very approachable. There isn’t a lot she doesn’t know!” Vicki Phipps, Founder of Mindful Gifts CIC
— Vicki Phipps -
Rickie is incredibly optimistic and lifts my spirits about the things that I’m progressing with - making anything seem possible! She is a wonderful advisor because she manages to make things seem simple when I might be struggling with a personal barrier. She has helped me with getting things done, not dwelling on them, and has suggested many companies that might help me, might inspire me, and allow things to become a doddle, when setting up my own business. She has a wealth of information to share!
— Sophie Holt - All The Good Things
Thank you for enlightening me in the ways of the corporate world and social media. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.
— Dwight Hove, Community Cycles, Leicester
Thank you Rickie for all of your support since I started the SSE journey. You have been a great encourager and also a really useful source of information and advice over the time I have known you. Best wishes for the future from a fellow Vancouver, Biscuit and Cake Lover x
— Karen Arrowsmith - Simply Limitless
I love that the glass is always half full with Rickie. I have come to appreciate her consistency; the positive sort of consistency, always solution focused, sharing ideas, links, experience in how to get the job at hand done.
— Simbi Folarin -
Rickie suits my style perfectly: her business coaching is direct, quick paced, responsive and crammed full of top tips, ideas, solutions and focus.
Inspiring woman, helping me to inspire my women.
— Beverley Gilbert -
Rickie has been the one constant source of support all through my course, she has always been on hand to share words of encouragement and to help me when I have been stuck.
what Rickie doesn’t know about business isn’t worth worrying about..........the woman knows everything, and is only too happy to share her wealth of knowledge with everyone she supports.
Rickie has been an integral part of my journey from a novice in to quite a capable business woman. Thank you Rickie I couldn’t of done this without you!!!!!!!!!
— Kathleen Livingstone -
Thanks Rickie – once again such a helpful session yesterday – you have been really instrumental to my progress this year with SSE and I know I will be in touch to exploit your expertise and support over time to come !
— Jane Povey,
I love the witty personality Rickie has, she is sharp and to the point. I found Rickie, knew exactly what she was doing in business. One of the main things that changed as a result of Rickie’s intervention was the way she got me to organise my business for the best of the company. For example, I used to come to our 1-2-1’s with a 20 item list of what I had to do. Rickie would look at me and get me to prioritise them. Starting with what is going to make me money that day, how important is it and can it be put into the bin. Ever since I have adopted this model, I have been a lot more efficiency with my time and my stress load has reduced.
— La'Toyah Lewis
You have the ability to always see the positive in everything and your eternal optimism is such an amazing quality. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have kept pushing through to get my first contract and sell my first products. So thank you for your support and being so motivational - you’re Ayce!
— Vanessa Hamilton -
My experience of Rickie is through the School for Social Entrepreneurs Start Up Programme, and I feel lucky to have had her as the course’s Learning Manager during that time. She is a positive and encouraging influence, quietly inspiring, but not without the substance of solid practical guidance based on real experience.
— Rebecca England
Rickie has been a supportive, encouraging and challenging SSE Learning Manager and has certainly helped me grow and develop as a social entrepreneur. Always willing to listen, offer advice and support with the issues important to us right now. And if she doesn’t have the answer, she knows someone who does!! Thanks for helping make my time on the SSE West Midlands start-up programme such a positive one.
— Melanie Glass -