What happens if I train my staff and they leave?
What happens if you don't train your staff and they stay?

Working with CEOs



  • Hiring and developing people
  • Reorganisation of staff & roles
  • Performance reviews 
  • Staff training
  • Maximising support from the board


  • Productivity & online tools
  • GDPR & legal must-dos
  • Managing emails
  • Financial health check 
  • Action Learning

Business Development

  • Branding
  • Developing revenue streams
  • Sales techniques
  • Marketing & social media






One2One consultancy 



Action Learning

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Case Study

Situation - CEO of established SME finding staff less productive and unresponsive to ideas to improve productivity and morale


  • Observed all staff side by side, by interview and from afar
  • Developed & delivered training programme for sales team
  • Re-organised support team into roles better suited to their skills and likes
  • Developed appraisal process
  • Set up future recruitment process

Result - motivated sales and support teams who became more productive and morale increased.

One of the main things that changed as a result of Rickie’s intervention was the way she got me to organise my business for the best of the company. Ever since I have adopted this model, I have been a lot more efficient with my time and my stress load has reduced.
— La'Toyah Lewis. www.risingstarscleaning.com
Thank you Rickie for the most amazing workshops. My feet haven’t touched the ground since, lots of ideas generated from your input and also cascaded info to my staff and have them working hard too. Clients are commenting on my improved social media pages.
So once again many thanks. You are a star. Sandra x
— Sandra Cartwright - www.studio524.co.uk