A sample of the most popular workshops that are developed to meet your bespoke needs. All are engaging, interactive and packed with practical tips.

Fuelled by coffee!

GET Started on  Social Media

It's free, it's accessible and it builds awareness

  • Why you need Social Media
  • What are the different platforms
  • Creating profiles
  • Who uses it
  • How to build an audience


Options: 2 hours to half day

GET Ahead with  Social Media Content

Turn followers into customers


  • What & when to post
  • How to engage 
  • Which posts work
  • Which platform is right for your business
  • Building your brand

Options: 2 hours to half day


5 steps to structure your business communications for profit (AIDCA)


  • Finding the need
  • Writing winning emails
  • Pitching
  • Questioning techniques
  • Making calls with confidence
  • Closing techniques
  • Handling objections

Techniques that work with emails, talks, social media, telephone calls and presentations

Options: half day to 10 days

GET AHEAD with achieving GOALS

The tips to ensure you actually achieve your goals


  • The 5 steps to goal setting success
  • Deciding on achievable goals
  • How to be a step closer every day
  • The benefits of smaller goals


Options: 2 hours to half day

Get Ahead on Twitter

5 things you'll learn

  1. When and what to Tweet
  2. How to build an audience
  3. Using images and links
  4. Scheduling posts
  5. Turning followers into customers


Options: 2 hours to half day



Offline and online networks

5 things you'll learn

  1. How to surround yourself with helpful people & mentors
  2. Where to start the easy way
  3. Why a network is central to your success
  4. Who to include in your network
  5. How to build your contacts list

Options: half day to full day


Websites, domains, emails, social media, blogs.

Create messages and content that your target audience will react to

5 things you'll learn

  1. How, what and when to blog
  2. Social Media strategy
  3. Newsletters
  4. Creating free publicity
  5. Great websites & emails

Options: half day to 3 days

Get Ahead in Building Your Brand

5 things you'll learn:

  1. Making your potential customers aware of you at little or no cost
  2. Get your business noticed in the right places
  3. Work out what impression you'd like to make
  4. Succeed at building your mailing list
  5. How to use free online tools

Options: 2 hours to half day

When you know better, you do better

Get Ahead with  Presentations

No more death by powerpoint!


5 things you'll learn

  • Put yourself in the place of the listener
  • Using humour to ensure point remembered
  • Getting the audience on side
  • Powerful ways to deliver talks
  • Bring confident 


Option: 2 hours

Get Ahead with your Crafts Business

5 things you'll learn:

  1. Work out how much to charge 
  2. Finding different types of customers to buy from you
  3. Learn how to outsource the 'admin' so you can get on with making
  4. Quick marketing tips you can do on the train
  5. How to make a living, loving what you do

Options: half to full day

Get Ahead Online

5 things you'll learn:

  1. Ensure your website is mobile friendly
  2. Build your customer base online
  3. What content is going to resonate with your customer
  4. Turn social media following into customers
  5. Learn  about 10 free online tools

Options: 2 hours to half day

Get Ahead with  Business StartUp

Basics - domain, emails, the cloud

Finance - legals, tax, budgeting, VAT

The Plan - SWOT, pricing, IT, staff

Research - the market, competition

The Idea  - the USP, operating costs, the competition, the customer

Marketing - website, social media, newsletters, blogs & PR

Branding - logo, colours, perception

Sales - finding customers, building your network & contact base

Time Management - tips & tools

Options: 1-2 days

    Get Ahead in business

    Turn your idea into a business


    • What makes a good idea
    • The basics: domains, emails & technology
    • Finding customers
    • How to price to sell
    • Social Media/online marketing
    • Costs, organising finances & law
    • HR, recruiting staff/volunteers
    • Building a network

    Option: 1 day

    Get Ahead with a Website

    Create your own Squarespace website


    • Set up your own 5 page website with no coding
    • Add your social media buttons
    • Upload images
    • Include links 
    • Add your blog/import existing
    • Ensure your branding shown throughout
    • Adding testimonials 

    Options: 2 hrs to half day


    Get Ahead with a Newsletter

    Create a professional newsletter


    • Create a mailing list
    • What content to use
    • Adding images
    • Including links
    • Editing photos 
    • Best times to send
    • Analising what works
    • The legal must-dos

    Option: 2 hours

    Into Work 

    Workshops include:

    • The winning CV
    • Writing killer emails
    • Perfecting interview skills
    • Social media for job seekers
    • Creating an employable brand
    • Job seeking
    • Finding unadvertised jobs


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    Rickie is a joy to work with she explains things in a clear and concise manner. You learn without being taught.
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    Health & Safety - 1 day course

    Welcome Host - 1 day

    OCN Business Courses - 20-28 hours:

    • Business Development
    • Preparing for Self Employment
    • Business Skills
    • Enterprising Skills