Goals are dreams with deadlines

I start the day by reading my goals which I set on the 1st of each month from which I deduce the 9 things (the productivity technique I talk about) I'm going to achieve that day.  

The day often evolves around Popmaster, the music quiz on Radio 2 at 10.30, which is when I have breakfast. Most days I go to at least one coffee shop either to have client sessions or for a change of scene to do my creative work. Obviously I have a preference for locally owned coffee shops;  as a freelancer myself, I'm a cheer-leader for good, local businesses.

When facilitating a day-long session, I grab a bowl of slow burning porridge and I'm where I need to be half an hour before to check room layout and greet the keen early ones. People are more open if there are no tables in front of them so I prefer just chairs. Or a horseshoe shape if people need tablets/notebooks and that way I can wander around and engage individually.

There are definitely no presentations (unless they're funny) or me standing at the front lecturing. It's about engagement and tailoring the style to suit clients. I make sure people have lots of breaks, at least every 90 minutes, even if it's just a two minute comfort break

When not in session, advert-free BBC radio is in the background all day. I prefer the banter and a mix of tunes to just listening to my favourite bands as that's far too distracting!

Many of the micro business I work with have day jobs so I will offer 8am one2one sessions, as well as evenings and weekends.

I create my own hours, work whenever the mood strikes be, be that mornings, evenings or weekends. If I love doing it, why should I ever stop?

Except on Friday afternoons; that's cinema time, watching whatever is on that will prise me away from my laptop for a couple of hours.

Vital statistics

Born: Bedford, UK

First job: technically Avon rep under my mum's name at 14. Post education,  Sales Receptionist at Bedfordshire on Sunday newspaper- my dream job.

City: Vancouver (visit at least once a year)

Last holidays: Seoul. Next up: anniversary trip to Antwerp. (visit travel blog

Book: fiction, Edward Rutherfurd - New York. Non-fiction, Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People

TV: The West Wing

Film: Goodfellas, Terminator 2

Music: lots! Top 5 - Springsteen, GUN, Bryan Adams, Duran Duran, Madonna. Plus  most tracks involving Rogers & Edwards

Gadget: Microsoft Surface

Love: positivity and doers

Dislike: negativity and all mouth, no action

Home: Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Live in bliss: with Tim in our lovely home (he's pictured above in Montréal 2016)

Find me: in a coffee shop, at home, in M&S, on Twitter or on a plane

Phrase: anything's possible