My Manifesto

Aim : To leave the world better than I found it, two coffees at a time 

  1. To 'show people how' and create independence rather than doing it for them

  2. Take on projects to work with offenders to help reduce re-offending

  3. Take on projects that have social impact 

  4. Continue working with young people to ensure fewer people rely on welfare, become homeless or break the law as adults

  5. Continue the mission to help everyone I meet to love what they do for a living

  6. Never use paper when there's an alternative

  7. Oh, and refrain from using paper cups in coffee shops and pull out my collapsible Pokito cup instead

  8. To consume cake everyday #AllRoadsLeadToCake 

  9. To continue to learn from my great travelling adventures

My work:

Freelance: advising a range of organisations on their digital processes, marketing, income generation and recruitment & people growth

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Co-host: Likemind Birmingham

Founder: Birmingham Jelly

Founder: Birmingham Favourites

Lead: Nextdoor


Trustee: Elizabeth House  (Marketing)

Volunteer: Midlands Hospitals Choir (Marketing & Publicity)

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Views & reviews

Views & reviews


Media 15 years Business Development/Trainer

Newspapers and magazines, regional and national

Recruitment 4 years (Branch Management)

Community Manager  4 years

Freelance since 2004

Recommended reading

Recommended reading

As far as reading goes, I learn a lot about having the winning mentality in business from sports books. This however, is my favourite business read of all time!