Action Learning is for:

  • people who need to solve problems
  • evolving fresh ideas
  • working closer with peers
  • forming immediate and effective plans to solve current issues


Action Learning works by:

  • working with peers or likeminded group
  • taking the time out of daily lives
  • asking probing and challenging open questions
  • gaining insight through others' learning

An Action Learning Facilitator:

  • brings out the best of the whole group
  • ensures everyone learns from every issue
  • encourages open and challenging questions
  • inspires the team to carry out their action plan
  • An Action learning programme consists of 4-10 sessions carried out, over the course of 3-12 months
  • The same people attend each session and everything stays confidential between them
  • 5-6 people in an Action Learning group works best
  • The sessions can last from a half to a full day, depending on how many people are in the group
Rickie was an inspiring facilitator of the Action Learning on my SSE programme. We can clearly see the power of well placed and challenging questions within a trusted group; I left every session feeling empowered and full of ideas. Rickie guided us through the process, kept us on track and asked well-placed questions to help us unpick the truth of our issue or question.

As a coach, I have always trusted the power of questions, but the Action Learning Set process supercharges that!
— Clara Wilcox, June 2017
Rickie was the most thought provoking lady I have ever met! She encouraged me, challenged me, gave me confidence, and ensured that the learning process (which was very different for me) was helpful, supportive, and FUN! I learnt so much on each of the days I spent with Rickie that I would recommend her services to anyone, excellent in content and delivery.
Thank you, you have helped me a lot to become much pore thoughtful and professional in everything, business wise, I do. If I could do this all over again, I would, it was great.
— John Reed, July 2017