What Should I Pay?


What to pay.jpg

When you are buying services for the first time, it's easy to be dazzled by suppliers. So here is my guide to what you - the customer - is looking at:


Hosting – No more than £6-12 per month, probably less, especially if you pay annually

Creation – From £250 for a simple 5 page website (i.e. home, about us, services/products, contact, testimonials/case study). Expect to pay more if you need the web creator to come up with some of the wording and images too. Up to £500 for 10-12 page site.          

Domain (including email address) - £2-12. Be sure to purchase both co.uk and .com versions to prevent anyone else from having your name.


From £100 for logo design which will probably include adaptation for business card or website banner if you brief them correctly. Add a bit more if you want to include some generic flyers too. 

Social media management

Around £75 per month for several messages a day, 7 days a week including several engagements per week. Add more only if more than one platform managed, i.e. Twitter and Facebook

I recommend you to take this over yourself once you have mastered the platform, or at least bring it in-house when you have an employee. This allows you to be more spontaneous and to jump on opportunities and generally be personable with your engagement.


The more organised you are less your accountant will cost. It can be less than £250 per year if you're a sole trader or around £600 per year for a limited company. It will be potentially more if VAT registered or payroll involved.

Add VAT to theses prices - accountants tend to be VAT registered!

If you have any trouble finding suppliers who will sell you their services at around these prices, please email me. I'll introduce you to those trusted people who will!