5 Easy Ways into Twitter Conversations

Engaging with your audience

Be an expert

Become known as an expert. Comment on your chosen subect, post links and consistently talk about it. Mostly likely this will be aspect of your business. You are an expert in something so how about sharing your knowledge? You can do this through tweeting links to interesting stories or writing a brief blog and sharing that. Generally, if you see someone talking about your specialist subject, jump on and talk to them.

Hashtag conversations*

Be familiar with the hashtag and join in the conversation. It’s simply the easiest way to make friends and influence people. Tread with caution and choose your conversations carefully though, for no other reason other than it can take over your Twitter life!

*To join hashtag conversations Simply click on the hashtag (i.e. #craftybreak) and all the tweets will come up. A busy conversation will move fast so keep refreshing and jump onto the conversation when you have something to say by replying to that person. Or send a tweet as normal including the hashtag so everyone who is following the conversation sees it. To find hashtag conversations, take a look at @thechatdiary

Introduce people

Just like in real life, nothing beats being able to introduce two people who can help each other out. I even introduce people in that way when I meet them at offline events and both parties appreciate adding to their Twitter contacts.


If someone is having a good day, congratulate them, if they’re having a tough moment, help them through and if they need support, offer it. Again, just like in real life!


The simplest way to make friends, is to forward on their message to your following. So if it’s worth doing, RT!


To learn more about using Twitter for your specific business, please book a one2one workshop.