5 Tips To Get Your CV Noticed

As a former recruiter and hirer, I know that I spent no more than 20-30 seconds on a CV before I either rejected it or kept it in the ‘read’ folder. This is what made me keep hold of it: Call me

Ensure all your contact details are on, most vitally email address and mobile phone number. Address is not as important if space is tight but town/city and county is. Make it easy for us to contact you or we’ll just move on to the next person.

Mind the gap

Ensure the potential employer knows precisely what you have been doing for the last six years at least. If you have been unemployed for more than a month or two, say so, or better still say something like ‘undertook online Microsoft training while actively seeking employment’ or ‘volunteered to gain additional experience while seeking employment.’

Use bullets

It makes the CV easier and quicker to read which increases your chance of being put on the interview pile.

Be a Star

Under each job, add bullet pointed list of achievements. Find at least 2 for each role and up to about five looks good. Think hard about what you achieved in that role, especially anything that can be quantified by saving the organisation time or money. Even if you were the ‘social secretary’ that organised events that gave your colleagues the feel-good factor at work.

Stick to two

Really, just do that.

Good luck!


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Rickie spent over 10 years hiring staff in organisations and five years in recruitment before setting up her own business in 2004. Contact via @BusinessFaves, or @RickieWrites or email.