Five Ways to Get Retweeted

Keep the tweet short Remember when people RT the message includes your Twitter name. Under 100 characters is fantastic as people can RT from any platform without having to edit to fit.

Also, when people read it quickly they can make a faster decision on whether to retweet.

Say something topical

A tweet that includes words such as ‘breaking news’ or ‘NEW’ draws attention.

Or tweet about something very topical (or trending).

Include a link

Adding a link gives the tweet value as people can click for more information. Remember to shrink all your links to keep your tweet short!

Tweet at the right time

When is the right time?

That will depend on what your business is and when your following is watching. Safe to say, in most cases, tweeting late at night is unlikely to reach a lot of people.  There are services available that will tell you when your followers are most active.


Run a competition that includes the line, RT this to enter!

What gets you most engagement on Twitter? Do add your comments below or tweet @BusinessFaves.