Live music

I am so glad I held out for the perfect band for our 70s vibe Birmingham Vintage Fair. I had a few offers but I wanted bands that had the genuine spirit of this colourful era. I’m so glad because I find not one but two perfect live acts:

Naked Remedy

First up on stage will be Naked Remedy who we are very lucky to see at BVF as they gig constantly. They’re at the Island Bar in Birmingham the night before if you’d like a sneak preview and then have a gig in Leicestershire that night.

Naked Remedy epitomise the sound of the event and are this year’s winner of ‘Carling Battle of the Bands’.


We leave Naked Remedy to pack and hit the road to East Midlands and prepare for the classic rock sound of Dakesis who will see us through the rest of the afternoon. The 5-piece progressive metal act will be adding a glam rock element to their set especially for the occasion. Despite their classic prog-rock roots, Dakesis add humour to produce a unique sound that is perfect for us on this Saturday afternoon.