Making the Leap from Hobby to Full Time Business

As published on UK Handmade Today, writer, crafts events organiser and trainer, Rickie Josen, examines how to make the leap from hobby to full time business.

Making the leap

Have you ever found yourself sitting at the computer, looking longingly at the beautiful photographs of lovely handmade creations made by those clever people who have managed to turn what they love doing into a full time business? Gone are the days when those people rush home from the office to finish a hem, frame a print or ice a cake and then spend the rest of the evening returning emails, packaging goods or updating blogs. Oh and then they have to change their work space back into a home and get ready for ‘work’ tomorrow. Those people have made the transition to doing what they love full time and getting paid for it - that’s my definition of true success. Want to know how they did this? Read on.