Networking = Having a Coffee

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5 New Ways to Build Your Network

Thank goodness those days of walking into a room of be-suited, business card thrusting people are over. Or are they? Let’s look at more fun, and ultimately more productive ways of building your network anyway.

Mix with your own kind

Go online to see what’s going on and find likeminded people. Take a look at Meet Up or what’s on sites in your area and mix with people you want to be with. If you like the people, it will be a pleasure to introduce them to potential customers and chances are they’ll do the same for you.

Have a coffee

Or Tea. When you meet someone you click with, it’s great to build that relationship and to get to know one another well-enough to make recommendations. If you’re not that close, how about setting aside half an hour for a Skype chat or phone call? Just pop that kettle on first!

Friends and family

Are all the people you know aware of your business? These people already know like and trust you so they are your number one fans. Do give them flyers to take to work, posters to put on their notice boards and even invites to events where you’ll be promoting. 

Co working

The most natural conversations you’ll have are with your colleagues. So if you work alone, co-working with others in the same position brings back the banter, camaraderie and fun into your day. Try locating a Jelly where you are or even make a day of it by travelling to a work in a different city for the day. 

Social Media

This is your daily fix of safe banter, knowledge, news and know-how at the end of your finger-tips.  It’s free and you don’t have to leave your chair or get out of your PJs. Join in conversations such as #CraftyBreak by simply searching for words that interest you. Using tools such as Hootsuite even allow you to search locally.

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