8 Top Tips to Start a Cake Business

A few weeks ago we featured fantastic 5-9er Yvonne from Kake and Cupkakery. [gallery type="circle" ids="2807,2843,2839"]

This week, she has kindly agreed to share her 'top tips to starting  up a cakey biz':

  1. Research you area, find out about the competition, what they do, what they charge and build a local network. Just because another business is competition doesn’t mean you cannot support each other.
  2. Know your skill set and limitations,  if there is an area you’re not confident in practice, go on course. YouTube is amazing for free tutorials as  is Facebook.
  3. Know your cost and be honest with yourself regarding quoting and charging for cake. You have to earn some money!
  4. Find your niche, is it wedding cakes, cake pops, novelty cakes, macaroons or cupcakes?
  5. Use social media, it is absolutely free and remember you get out of it what you put in.
  6. Network! I have met and made some amazing contacts through networking.
  7. Get friends and family to recommend you and get them to keep their ear to the ground about any events where you can get to promote your business.
  8. And remember people buy from people. It’s your character and customer service that will play a big part in your business.

Find out more on Facebook or Cupkakery and www.letthemeatkake.co.uk Keep in touch with Yvonne by twitter @Cupkakery or her blog.

Working 5-9: Cupkakery

Like many creative businesses Yvonne, a chef with a BA and MA in hospitality, started her cake business after making cakes for family and friends. Having self-funded, the first issue on the agenda was refining the business and after some time, Cupkakery (dessert style cupcakes) and Kake (celebration cakes) have become the two defined brands.

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Two years down the line and Yvonne has definite goals in the forefront of her mind of taking Cupkakery and Kake to the next level. The challenge is still to make what she loves doing, profitable.

However, the love of creating magnificent cakes is there and Yvonne is determined ‘to earn a living from something’ she loves doing having spent her ‘career running other people’s businesses.’ With Yvonne’s determination, we are routing for her to run her own business full time!

 Time management

To keep on top of everything as a 5-9er, Yvonne explains, ‘your time management has to be to the minute and no matter how long you think a task will take, it always takes longer!’ So Yvonne is looking forward to one day not having to sacrifice her social life. Having said that, delightfully, Sunday is a non-negotiable family day and admin time at her desk has to be planned around that.

Smart working is helped by Yvonne’s team of the iphone/ipad/icalendar plus Wunderlist for the to-do list.


Yvonne is active on free social media and even uses Hootsuite to schedule activity where necessary. This type of marketing provides a fair amount of leads plus a great reputation means Yvonne now receives ‘priceless’ word of mouth recommendations too.[gallery type="square" ids="2837,2838,2839"]

We ask all business owners, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give anyone who is contemplating giving up their social life and starting a business instead? ‘I wouldn't give up a social life but adapt it. It’s important to still have time for yourself, to see friends and family so just schedule some ‘me time’ in.

Final word from Yvonne about the future: 'I'm always willing to learn so when I identify a need I seek out the relevant training.'

Find out more on Facebook or Cupkakery and www.letthemeatkake.co.uk Keep in touch with Yvonne by twitter @Cupkakery or her blog.