Introducing Naini

Freelance Artist. Established 2009

 Starting Up

Naini’s motivation is simply to have ‘personal freedom through being creative and independent.’ Naini wanted to challenge herself and see where the road leads.

However, the biggest challenge has been over coming self-doubt. Its taken time but Naini has learnt to listen to her heart and follow her instincts, which somehow always lead her in the right direction.

Marketing art

Naini has learnt to market by trial and error and her best advice is to use more than one avenue rather than sticking to one limiting strategy. “In my view there is no such thing as 'best advertising' since the dynamics between product/service and the target market are constantly changing - especially in the art market. Change is the key; what works another may or may not work for you, and vice versa.”

The comfort of the first customer

“The first customer came literally through a gallery” which goes to prove how important it is to exhibit your work where people can see it. Naini is in galleries but you could also try coffee shops, offices, train stations – anywhere that people pass is always a good thing, remembering to clearly display your name and contact details should a passerby wish to buy.


Life itself is an inspiration. Everything that we experience, see and feel without exception is nothing less than a miracle - a marvel of nature and mankind.” These are lovely words from Naini in describing what motivates her.


Naini has her studio at home and prefers to work from there, “I would say working at home in very quiet surroundings would be an ideal working environment. It's what allows the creativity to flow in full.”

Finally, I asked Naini, if you could look back and give one piece of advice to yourself before you launched, what is it?

“Listen more to my inner instincts. It's the one voice that can guide you in the right direction. The more you use it the better it gets. It requires fine tuning through trial and error before you can trust it completely”.

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