Connecting: Making Friends in Business

How to love networking

If the word ‘networking’ fills you with dread, I sympathise with you.  Perhaps the word conjures up images of walking into a room full of suited strangers, all laughing and talking to each other and ignoring you. Or worse, people who you have no wish to know thrusting their business cards in your hand to sell you their product.

However, networking is really about connecting, exchanging information and building relationships. Getting out and mixing with other people is very healthy and essential to your business, if not your sanity.  I strongly recommend building an inner circle of people you can rely on and those that can rely on you and this is how you will find those you haven’t yet met through social media.

Business events

So here some tips on making these events productive, easy and fun!

  1. Realise that the people in the networking room are unlikely to be your customers. Phew! Once that pressure is off, you can relax, be yourself, have a big confident smile for everyone you make eye contact with and talk to many people. They may be suppliers, collaborators, know potential clients or they may become clients in months or years to come so go forth and make friends!
  2. Ask people what they need and most importantly, as you have two ears and one mouth, listen to them and see how you can help them and who you can introduce them to. Even if you are new to business, you are an expert at something and they will appreciate your advice. In my experience, this gives your both credibility and a warm glow!
  3. Have a few questions up your sleeve in case you get stuck for conversation. Something like; I’m thinking of changing my phone, what do you all recommend? Anyone used a virtual assistant? Printers, how do you find one that always works?!
  4. Avoid being that guy! Even if the person you are talking to is a little, how shall we say, dull, avoid temptation to look over their shoulder! Instead either stand with your back to people so there is nothing over their shoulder but a wall, so you concentrate or deliberately open up the circle where you are standing so it looks inviting for someone to join in the conversation. Alternatively, walk them across to someone you do know to introduce them. Keep productive while remaining a friendly networker!
  5. Coffee. This is what you have come for; to invite people out for coffee who may become one of your inner circle. Aim to find one or two people who you get on with and ask them out for a coffee. (It’s not dissimilar to dating, in fact) Arrange where and when or agree to email within a set time – say 24 hours. On that note, if someone promises to contact you in a set period of time and they forget about you, just think twice if you’d like them to be in your inner circle after all.

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Networking = Having a Coffee

Know Like Trust two coffee cups

5 New Ways to Build Your Network

Thank goodness those days of walking into a room of be-suited, business card thrusting people are over. Or are they? Let’s look at more fun, and ultimately more productive ways of building your network anyway.

Mix with your own kind

Go online to see what’s going on and find likeminded people. Take a look at Meet Up or what’s on sites in your area and mix with people you want to be with. If you like the people, it will be a pleasure to introduce them to potential customers and chances are they’ll do the same for you.

Have a coffee

Or Tea. When you meet someone you click with, it’s great to build that relationship and to get to know one another well-enough to make recommendations. If you’re not that close, how about setting aside half an hour for a Skype chat or phone call? Just pop that kettle on first!

Friends and family

Are all the people you know aware of your business? These people already know like and trust you so they are your number one fans. Do give them flyers to take to work, posters to put on their notice boards and even invites to events where you’ll be promoting. 

Co working

The most natural conversations you’ll have are with your colleagues. So if you work alone, co-working with others in the same position brings back the banter, camaraderie and fun into your day. Try locating a Jelly where you are or even make a day of it by travelling to a work in a different city for the day. 

Social Media

This is your daily fix of safe banter, knowledge, news and know-how at the end of your finger-tips.  It’s free and you don’t have to leave your chair or get out of your PJs. Join in conversations such as #CraftyBreak by simply searching for words that interest you. Using tools such as Hootsuite even allow you to search locally.

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