8 Top Tips to Start a Cake Business

A few weeks ago we featured fantastic 5-9er Yvonne from Kake and Cupkakery. [gallery type="circle" ids="2807,2843,2839"]

This week, she has kindly agreed to share her 'top tips to starting  up a cakey biz':

  1. Research you area, find out about the competition, what they do, what they charge and build a local network. Just because another business is competition doesn’t mean you cannot support each other.
  2. Know your skill set and limitations,  if there is an area you’re not confident in practice, go on course. YouTube is amazing for free tutorials as  is Facebook.
  3. Know your cost and be honest with yourself regarding quoting and charging for cake. You have to earn some money!
  4. Find your niche, is it wedding cakes, cake pops, novelty cakes, macaroons or cupcakes?
  5. Use social media, it is absolutely free and remember you get out of it what you put in.
  6. Network! I have met and made some amazing contacts through networking.
  7. Get friends and family to recommend you and get them to keep their ear to the ground about any events where you can get to promote your business.
  8. And remember people buy from people. It’s your character and customer service that will play a big part in your business.

Find out more on Facebook or Cupkakery and www.letthemeatkake.co.uk Keep in touch with Yvonne by twitter @Cupkakery or her blog.