The 5-step template for a solid cover letter

1.       Get the Attention – the subject line.

They may request you write something specific otherwise, it’s a good idea to place your name and the job title. The first thing they will see next to your name is your potential job title.

2.       Opener – what’s going to make the employer open your application first?

The very first sentence is going to be the first impression you make with your potential employer. Ensure it links with the most important skill or experience that’s been asked for on the job spec. You can include here why you are keen to have the job.

3.       Build the interest

This is by far the chunkiest part of your covering letter which tells the reader why you are the best person for it.

Take the opportunity to match every skill and experience they have asked for by talking about where or how you have gained that. Use the language they use where possible, for example, you may say ‘deliver’ and they use ‘facilitate’.

You may have included one or two points in your opener, although ensure you have covered everything else that’s required here. Feel free to use bullet points if this takes you over more than a couple of paragraphs although keep short and punch (Max to 300-400 words)

4.       Reasons – why you want it/why they should hire you

If it hasn’t come up, now’s the time to add a line about why you want the job.

5.       Action – availability

Finally, let them know your availability for interviews and what your notice period is.


Recommend keeping your email/covering letter to 300-500 words. If on the longer side, try bullet points for the main part.