The Workable Alternative to NY Resolutions

As you may know, I'm a big fan of change when we need it, rather than waiting for new year's resolutions. One of the joys of being in control of your business is being able to change any time, be that your behaviour or something practical such as the way you operate or the product you sell. It really is great that we can change anytime and improve our well-being, happiness and our business just by making the decision.

  • If something is making you unhappy, change it as soon as you can!

Is there a supplier that's continuing to let you down? Or a client that is asking for more than is fair? Perhaps it's time for a gentle farewell leaving you time to find better suppliers and clients.

  • Getting too many emails?

Learn to love email again and start by unsubscribing to newsletters you never read.

  • Invest in your learning

Make time to learn new skills and increase your knowledge leading to new and better ideas. Is an hour a day too much? How about setting aside 15 minutes to read a book or newsletters. Or a Saturday morning dedicated to learning how to really use a new app or reading informative blog posts?

  • Say no

Time is precious! How about spending more of it on what you want to do?

So this year, try making changes whenever you feel like it. Or instigate one change on the first of each month.

I look foward to hearing how making small changes impacts your business this year!

Rickie has been in business for nine years and works on a one2one basis with micro businesses who want to improve their business skills.