Peer-to-peer lending at Rebuilding Society

thR6QIBLREI got a chance to try out Rebuilding Society, the lending platform that’s not so much crowd funding but more about investments. The companies seeking funding are looking for a loan for expansion, except they have been vetted and from what I see, are generally much larger than what we see on crowd funding sites.

I’ve never invested on those so it took me a while to figure out how to invest but a few helpful back and forth emails soon put me right. For some reason, I expected they’d be more companies listed but there are only a handful of carefully selected organisations listed at a time.

I invested my £50 on a promising company looking to expand. They had a very clear vision and because they are involved in ‘cloud computing’ and moving away from the ‘traditional mode of supplying hardware, software and installation services’, I believe their potential is huge. I'm happy to pay a teeny part in their expansion.

Advatek are based in the North West but do business in Wales and the Midlands, where I live. Another reason for investing is that they only ‘deal with proven IT brands, such as Cisco, Microsoft’ etc. and that this £50K loan will pay for developing ‘a suite of services to offer to the market’. In all their P&L looked pretty good and the loan also meant them hiring an additional employee. They quickly raised the £50K - in fact I really they raised it early and felt lucky to be accepted as an investor!

In my business, I help start, grow and promote mainly micro businesses. Even £10,000 to them would quite frankly mean the difference between trying to start their business while holding onto a salary paying job to being able to work on their business full-time and make it pay.

I get regular updates from Rebuilding Society (what a great name!) and I've already had loan repayments of £2.87 and earned 83p interest. Imagine if my investment was 10-fold or even 50-fold?!

Rebuilding Society are currently sitting on nearly £2.5m lent with an average of 15.78% earned. Not a bad return on investment at all while helping companies grow.

Find out how you can apply for a loan or make and investment here and follow them @rebuildings.

With thanks to Fuel My Blog and Rebuilding Society for crediting me with £50 to try out this great platform.