Mens fashions in the 1970s

I’ve asked help from an unlikely source for today’s blog post as all I recall about mens clothes in the 1970s is ‘Man at C&A’.

We all know Andy Evans from Beans & Leaves as a coffee and tea expert from various farmers markets. I bet you didn’t know he was an expert in 1970s male fashion too?

No, nor did I, till a chance mention of Birmingham Vintage Fair at 24 Carrots resulted in so much information, I had to get my netbook out.

For us girls, there is so much choice but now the men can have some fun too.

Birmingham Vintage Fair in the 1970s is about adding a 70s flavour to your outfit for the day. See which of these you can find somewhere in your wardrobe:


These Andy says shirts were "penny rounds" or long and pointed


Not a surprise to any of us but in Andy’s book, denim flares will go down particularly well.

Side pocket trousers

If you can find any of these in your loft or indeed at BVF, they should come with as many buttons as possible and in two rows on the waist band

Platform shoes

Again, we expect these and if you’ve been watching the 70s Top of the Pops repeats on BBC4, you’ll know it.

Silachio shoes

A new one on me but our vintage experts says they are multi-coloured

Kipper ties

Big fat ties in all sorts of patterns and vivid colours. Yes please.

Tank Tops

Andy says these need to be multi-coloured.

I agree and have these in every colour. I love them; so versatile and an easy item to wear for most men


Ditto. Tight cheesecloth shirt with denim flairs is one of my favourite looks from the 1970s and epitomises the mid 70s female silhouette. But does it work for men?


There is lots of it. It’s reaching the collar for sure but in many cases a lot longer. The Kevin Keegan poodle perm is not essential.

 More on Andy the tea and coffee expert.