What does success mean to you?

Success for me is unlikely to be defined by money.

Of course we need money and we all mainly aspire to a comfortable life. Ultimately, what does that look like to you?
To me, success is much more than financial gain; it is enjoying life, reward, fulfillment, growing and being happy every day. Above all, success means freedom.
There are 100s of business coaches out there promising to increase your turnover along with 1000's of online marketeer types who more often than not have 'aspirational speaker' types. But would you rather have all the money in the world or would you take good health, great friends, being surrounded by family, love, making your own decisions, having no money worries and looking forward to each great, new day?
I started my own business in 2004 for the freedom to make my own decisions. After all, if it had been about earning more money, I would have stayed in the corporate world!
This is what success means to me: Freedom
I'm free to do what I want, any old time
  • Success means the freedom to take on the projects you want to work on. Would you like to choose what you work on every single day? As long as the revenue is steady, you can work on whatever you want to.
  • Freedom to engage in any industry, not just the one you have experience or qualifications in. This has enabled me to create niches for myself despite not having experience from the corporate world. It is unlikely I would be doing the work I'm doing now, specialising in supporting the micro business, if I was a full time employee. I know many people who are working for themselves in completely different fields to their corporate worlds from copywriter to photographer, social worker to baker and nurse to marketing.
  • Working with people you want to and choosing your own clients, suppliers and partners. This enables you to work only with inspiring, positive and helpful people. Would you like your world filled just with these great individuals?
  • To spend your time working the way you want to, trying out methods, tools and ideas as you go. Success for me is loving all seven days of the week. I love Mondays!
  • Being productive whenever and wherever you like. Every day, my trusty laptop and I work from my favourite local indie coffee houses and quite often on the train. A few times a year, it comes with me to the countryside, another city or abroad. If you love what you do, why stop doing it? If you are productive and your clients like you enough to come to you, you decide when you want to work, whenever you are inspired to do so.

Personally, success means I get to travel around the world, several times a year, working or not working. As I always say, all I need is coffee and travel!

What does success mean to you? Please do add your comments below (do it before 22nd November and be put in a draw to win a FREE 30 minute phone one2one).
By Rickie, Crafty Skills
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From Holland and Italy, a jewel emerges

As you’ll be able to tell from the name, Tamara Van der Velden has Dutch ancestors and rather delightfully, MOOI means ‘beautiful’.  The exact word Tamara uses to describe the Murano glass jewellery she first saw in Venice.

What started on a romantic, pre-first baby surprise from her husband resulted in a business for Tamara. “Venice of course is a beautiful city, but I particularly fell in love with the glass workmanship on the island of Murano and the stunning glass jewellery and other glass items they produced. The pieces were beautiful, exciting, colourful, and refreshingly different and the glass felt warm on the skin. Needless to say I bought lots of jewellery!”

Independent Consultants

Back home, friends would ask about it and comment on how beautiful it looked and Tamara approached suppliers in Venice to buy gifts for them. When it came to returning to work after maternity leave, Tamara decided to look at another money making opportunity and started selling the jewellery at parties, markets, events, fairs and also online.

However that’s not the entire story. As working mum, Tamara does not want to work full time resulting in less time with her daughter so she now has independent consultants working with her that sell the jewellery in the same way.

That trip to Venice


For this business model to work Tamara felt she had to put a bit more money into the business for marketing, the website, logo and of course more stock. “The cost of the website was minimal though as I used Wix.com which allows you to pretty much build the whole website for free until you are ready to go live and even then you only pay if you want to remove the Wix advertising to give the site a clean uncluttered look.”

Tamara set the whole thing up herself in just a few days and found it simple and straightforward. She recognises that marketing is going to be her main cost and invested time and money into it.

Tamara is still learning and social media is something she has to grasp next but for the moment, she is targeting other mums she meets who want to earn in flexible hours but don’t want to set up a business from scratch.

MOOI isn’t Tamara’s first venture as she already has a photography business and as with that business colleagues and peers can be a great motivator. “Of course when achieving some of your goals it’s nice to have people around you to celebrate with.”

Find out more about MOOI here www.wowthatsmooi.co.uk