Tips to maximise your time when working full time

Office clockAre you holding down a full time job while building your business? Try these tips to get you to that goal faster!

Make every second count

Maximise the minutes at the coffee machine, at the bus top and while waiting for your sandwich. This is the perfect time to respond to emails (on your phone), tick-off a research job on your to-do list or engage with your following on social media.

Keep your notes electronic

Learn to use Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Hootsuite or any other tool so that you have your files with you at all times.

Set aside time

For reading blogs, newsletters, long emails or anything else that is important but not urgent. How about an hour one evening a week or first thing Sunday morning with a big cup of something hot?!

Set up social media posts

Sometimes it is essential to schedule posts on social media but do respond to replies as soon as you can so your followers feel valued. You can even set up posts for the whole week!

Grow you inner circle

Make good friends with good people and keep them very close. Offer them help and they'll help you when you need it. Swap services, share knowledge and watch your problems float away and your business grow to full time status!

I'd love your feedback and your tips too!