Welcome to Birmingham Favourites!

A place to share all that's great in our city!

A warm welcome is exactly what you expect from Brummies. Everywhere we go, people are keen to part with their knowledge of great things to do, places to see and people to meet.

Birmingham Favourites is the online equivalent of that. A love letter to the city.

Plus there will be Birmingham based people writing tips, sharing advice or just voicing their opinion.

On top of the Birmingham Favourites online magazine, we'll be organising  events to introduce you to some of the fabulous local businesses featured. Plus any deals and invites we pick up along the way will be shared with you. All that is to come!

For now, here are just some of things I love about Birmingham. What do you love?

BF Food Collage

BF Music People Places Collage

We welcome your thoughts so drop us a line via the keep in touch page or tweet us on @BrumFaves.

If you'd like to write for BF, submit your ideas for articles here.

Let's share the Birmingham love!


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PS Thank you to the talented Mr Williamson for designing our lovely logo!