A Colourful Crowd

By Tim Wilson A Colourful Crowd (aka #TheCrowd) is a ground-breaking programme run by young people, offering an alternative take on what happens at The New Art Gallery Walsall.

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The group came into being large as a result of Damien Hirst's year long exhibition at the gallery. The gallery wanted to make the most of the opportunity of having the works of an iconic figure like Hirst on display. Doing something brilliant with young people was a vital part of this and A Colourful Crowd came into being.

It's all about the young people's ideas. #TheCrowd conceive and manage high quality activities and events, as demonstrated by their recent one day extravaganza Spin Day // Spot Day, a family focused event dedicated to having fun creating, making, dancing and eating toast! :)

Putting on events is one just one part of what The Crowd do though. As young people, they want to develop their skills, so they get to:

- Work and negotiate with professionals from various backgrounds

- Come up with ideas for skills and training workshops - Visit and explore different places and venues.

As the confidence of the young people grows, increasingly I take a step back and let the young people fly with their creative ideas. I am a big kid at heart so it's inspiring to see their creativity prosper.

For more info Visit: www.acolourfulcrowd.co.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/acolourfulcrowd Twitter: @acolourfulcrowd Hashtag: #jointhecrowd #thecrowd

Tim Wilson is project lead for A Colourful Crowd and can be reached tim@creative-knowledge.com or @Timmy666