A Seagull's View of Birmingham

Written by Bob the seagull Bob We love Birmingham. All year round, we encourage our flying brethren to swap the seaside for canals and come enjoy the aerial view of a great international city. We're not seagulls, we're Brumgulls and we especially like to hangout in the Jewellery Quarter. It's fair to say we've settled here for its history but most especially that it's a quiet part of town that needs to be squarked about!

As my friend who twitters on behalf of @jqseagulls says, "Most JQ Seagulls are multilingual, have a Mensa level IQ, and have at least a Masters level Ivy League education." Despite our intelligence,  I don't feel that we have lobbied loud enough for the appropriate provision of toilet facilities in Birmingham. 

Yes, I know that if you are parked up in the JQ, that your car is going to fall victim to our doings. Not only that we are going to steal your food as we get hungry.  We are a public enemy and a nuisance and you've tried to fool us with fake eggs to reduce our population.

We might be deemed pests, but for us Birmingham is the place to be and we're proud to stay here. Life is never dull as a gull.

We're full of surprises! Join us daily at 4am for our daily squark in St. Paul's Square or 8pm for our orgy on Caroline St.  Brum culture for seagulls is non-stop. We mean no harm … we're just misunderstood!

Written by Bob, a seagull mainly residing in Hylton St, JQ during the day and occasionally hovering over the Red NIssan Micra on Northwood Street.