Personal Training Rocky lV Style

2013-08-23 08.29.45Thanks to Brum Faves, I took full advantage of the offer of a free personal training session with Pete Baldwin. Despite being a pretty active person (a drummer, fan of walking briskly everywhere, hyperactive, neuorotic, waver of arms, killer elbows), I wanted to refresh and address a few issues such as changing up my physical routine, issues such as stretching, a few back problems and my irregular sleeping patterns.

The personal training session was a most excellent call! I met with Pete early on a Friday morning at Brewsmiths in the Jewellery Quarter.

Clutching a small orange juice in one hand and a bottle of water (undrunk until the exercise began) in the other, the first part of the session was a handy chat and questionnaire about my lifestyle, exercise, diet and what I want to get out of the sessions. It was a really in-depth starting point through which Pete was already firing back with a bunch of suggestions and ideas before the exercise had even begun. I was very attentive to what he was saying.

After about 20 minutes, we were out for a gentle jog along the canal and around the Gun Quarter before arriving back in St. Paul's Square. There I was introducing to a bunch of really useful exercises.

At those moments where I felt tiredness creeping in, I thought of Rocky during the training sequence in Rocky IV and that most legendary soundtrack by Vince DiCola. I wasn't alone in thinking this. As Pete was getting me to do some weight type training exercises involving his rucksack, he even said, this is "very Rocky IV".

Any reference to classic cinema which offsets the pain of physical exercise is a good thing!

An hour after the training session, I received a Personal Training Summary including great tips to deal with the issues raised: mobility exercises to deal with my posture, how to get more adequate sleep etc.

I would recommend Pete highly for his expertise as well as infectious enthusiasm. Not only that, he does the exercises with you. He's not a general like many PT's can be and he's also vehemently anti-gym, believing that your body weight is the weight that you can use to get fit.

Thanks to Brum Faves for posting the offer. I will take up Pete's services again for sure!

For more information on Pete, take a look at his training video.

By Tim ‘walking coffee bean’ Wilson.  Creative Action Man, Head Boffin at IndieLove, Drummer and Coffee Drinker. Follow at @timmy666

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