POW-WOW! It's a Writing Group!

By Elaine S Moxon PowWow group collagePow-Wow Writers’ Group (Prince of Wales Writers on Writing) is located within a cosy back room of the Prince of Wales pub in Moseley, Birmingham. On winter nights a log fire crackles in the hearth and there is an unspoken race by attendees to arrive in time to snatch a spot on the old sofa. We all settle in with our various beverages, laughing as we jostle and squeeze ourselves onto benches, stools and armchairs. The group organiser, Andrew Killeen, leads us off into a structured though relaxed evening.

We meet on a Tuesday evening from 8pm and each session begins with each of us giving our names and a brief run-down of the past week’s writing, if any. Three weeks out of four we have a discussion for the first half of the meeting with topics voted on by members each month. The second half of the meeting is for two people to read an extract of their work for critique. The last week in every month is a pure critique night where 3 people read and monthly on a Wednesday there is an extra critique night.

Affection and understanding wrap around you, enriched with encouragement and constructive criticism. Honesty abounds and you can leave each week, confident that you have the tools and map to rewrite your mistakes. Everyone falters from time to time and, now and then, we triumph with a piece of prose. Whether you can attend every week, every month or only occasionally, it matters not. All are equal. We are published writers, unpublished writers, poets, short story writers and novelists. We span all genres, ages and styles. We are Pow-Wow and we are a writing family.

If you want to find out more about Prince of Wales Writers on Writing, visit our website with Members’ Forum and updates on what we are up to here.

On 14th and 15th September 2013 PowWow Litfest will be on in Moseley. Tickets are available now. It will be an ideal opportunity to meet members and discover what we are all about, as well as learn from some interesting guest speakers and workshops, which I will be detailing in my next article. Follow us on Twitter.

By Elaine S Moxon who can be contacted on Twitter @word_seeker or discover more about her work on her blog.

Photos by Elaine S Moxon and Peter Gough.