At the Flix with @Timmy666

There's quite a diverse of bag of cinematic offerings this week, including two set in Scotland and we couldn't have two more contrasting films with Filth and Sunshine on Leith.

Filth  (18) Irvine Welsh's novel comes to the big screen. It's getting on for almost two decades since the brilliance that was Trainspotting. If the film is as extreme as the book, then expect a lot o all through the main character , Detective Sergeant Bruce Robinson, played by James McAvoy, a multi-dimension mad drug and alcohol filled policeman, hallucinating, bullying and being obnoxious. Everything points to McAvoy's performance being full of verve. It'll take a lot to beat the sheer energy of Trainspotting, but with a source material as crazy as this is, I am intrigued to see how it pays off.

Sunshine on Leith (PG) By some contrast, the second Scottish offering of the week is basically The Proclaimers in  a musical context following two soldiers arriving back from Afghanistan and dealing with adapting back to everyday life.. This is a film version of the hit stage production directed by Dexter Fletcher (yes, the guy from Press GangLock Stock and whole host of stuff et al and who at one point presented Gamesmaster). From the trailer, posters and every other bit of marketing gumph, it's a feel-good affair to warm your cockles!

How I Live Now (15) Directed by the excellent Kevin McDonald (Touching the Void, The Last King of Scotland, State of Play etc) and starring the also excellent Saoirse Ronan, this is a teen drama set sometime in the future during the time of a geopolitical disaster and the consequences that unfold as Ronan playing an American teen on holiday in the English countryside with her cousins - cue teen anxiety, romance and a host of other stuff. Given though the talent attached to this, it looks like an interesting watch this weekend.

Metallica: Through The Never (3D) (15) Prepare to ride the lightening in this Metallica fuelled adventure (in 3D and IMAX) albeit with some sort of plot line, with a story tied to the band and concert footage etc, etc. Is it going to be a big Hetfield style "Yeeeeehhhhhh" or a case through the never you go! (Note to editor: Tim to keep Metallica references to a minimum).

Elsewhere during the week, there's a second chance to see Shane Carruth's latest film Upstream Colour at the mac, which I previewed a few weeks ago. A fortunate few will also be able to see a showing of Ben Wheatley's Kill List with a Q&A by the director tonight at The Electric.

That's it for now. Happy cinema going folks!

By Tim Wilson.  Creative Action Man, Head Boffin at IndieLove, Drummer and Coffee Drinker. Follow at @timmy666