Any Colour As Long As It's Black


Six colours to wear instead of black this winter.

If you love wearing the all-flattering darker colour, try these instead of the uniform black:


Instant class.

Wear with the paler pinks or even dashes of red. Plus navy velvet is stunning for the evening.


Another colour that sits well with pink or the seasons reds and as we all know now, there are different shades of grey; pick one or two that suit you.


Perfect for the autumn and beyond, especially lovely in suede.  Although keep apart from black all together if you choose this as your staple dark colour; team up with creams, tans and naturals instead.


Creates instant glamour and you can still have all your black accessories with this one.


Similarly with any seasonal red but the darker reds are on trend (apparently) if you’re into that kind of stuff. Wine or burgundy colours are all fantastic for the winter and a little warmer (to the eye) than black.


Another one used to great effect for gorgeous velvet evening dresses and especially good for the red-heads amongst you.

Of course, if you do have lots of perfectly wearable black in your wardrobe already, how do you feel about layering some colour to it by way of coats and accessories?

Do you have any other favourite colours for this time of year?

Send us your photos of you wearing your alternatives to black to or @BrumFaves and we’ll showcase the best ones!