Style: Two key ways to update your wardrobe

Now that it’s January you may be thinking that it’s time to pack away last year’s trends especially those winter woollies. However, whilst the Christmas jumpers definitely need to be put away for another year, many of your winter styles can easily be brought into the New Year; they just need a bit of an update.

Monochrome was a huge trend in 2013 and is also a timeless classic when it comes to looking stylish. Now that spring is looming we are starting to see a lot of colour pop up in the shops and in magazines but this doesn’t mean that the monochrome must go. Oh no, it is the perfect opportunity to update your style.

A black and white skirt can be easily updated with a bright colourful top. Good combinations to monochrome are pink (of any shade) and lime green. Two colours that are prominently appearing on the clothes racks this Spring.


Accessories are also a fantastic way to update an outfit. Whilst the weather still requires a winter jumper they can be instantly updated with a statement necklace. Big, bold necklaces are a must have this season and can make the perfect day-to-night look. You can get the same result with a statement broach; it is best to find these in charity shops and vintage stores.

An alternative to a necklace is to accessorize with bangles. An armful of bangles is also a cheap and chic way to update any outfits. For maximum effect make sure that they are chunky and oversized.  

Alternatively, outfits can also be updated with a colourful handbag. Primary colours are big this year with regards to accessories and a strawberry red bag would brighten up any outfit!

So whilst the weather may be grey, you can brighten up your day and outfit with a pop of colour and bright accessories!

Any other thoughts on updating your wardrobe? Do add them below!

By Tiffany Ratcliffe who can be contacted via @TiffanyInHeels

Necklace part of a vintage selection available from Gingermegs Vintage @GingerMegsVinta