Birmingham for Nature Lovers - Meriden Park (in Kingfisher Country Park)

On Monday, I arrived at number 3 on my alphabetical Birmingham for Nature Lovers list, to find it was a disappointing green splat in the middle of a housing estate and truth be told, I just couldn't bring myself to get out of the car and explore!  I drove around it from the outside (it took me less than a minute) and there's really not much to tell. 

So, not wanting to waste a sunny day, and with an eager Finn dog anticipating his walk, I whizzed off towards Chelmsley Wood, where I thought (logically, as it's a 'C') I would find my next park.  However, when I arrived at the location I had in my mind's eye, I discovered that it was Meriden Park, and so my fancy alphabeticalised notions were crushed!

All the same, I was glad that I made the visit.  Whilst not perfect by any means, Meriden Park provided a pleasant late Monday morning venue for a walk.  There was a small area of woodland to wander through, and as the park runs alongside the River Cole, there were nice green areas to walk along, plenty of trees, ducks and benches to enable you to sit and enjoy the view. 

Meriden Park belongs to a collection of parks which come under the banner of Kingfisher Country Park, Formerly project Kingfisher.  It covers an 11km stretch of the River Cole, which runs from the M6 in Chelmsley Wood through to Coventry Road (A45) at Small Heath.

Due to the rather confusing (or is that just me?) borders between Birmingham and Solihull, Meriden Park actually comes under Solihull BC and there's plenty of details on their website about the park.

As a walk, I found it peaceful and fairly pleasing on the eye.  Whilst you are aware that it's near a busy road, and there are houses and flats that you can see from some parts, it was still a pleasant enough place.  It's nice and flat and is wheelchair accessible (details here), dog and children friendly.  It was fairly quiet when we were there, with just a few other dog walkers strolling beside the river, so the main soundtrack was one of birds, and distant traffic.

There is free car parking off Moorend Avenue, and the 14, 59A and 72 bus all stop near the park.  On the website, it says that Marston Green Train Station is a short walk away, but I think it's actually about 30 minutes walk - so 'short' really depends on your perspective!

Address: Meriden Park, Moorend Avenue, Chelmsley Wood, B37 5SH

Words and photos by Debra Jane who can be contacted on @debracreates  or read more on her website.

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