Giant Screen

Head over to Millennium Point and the Giant Screen is an absolute gem in which to see and experience film, and experience is definitely the key here. I have been here on a number of occasions for films and other events and my immediate impression is always one of scale and proximity to a screen.

Despite seating a few hundred people, the auditorium is enveloped by the screen in front of you. Even during just a few adverts, I remarked to my girlfriend on the size of the fish fingers during a Birds Eye advert. You almost feel you can reach out touch what's on the screen.

I am extremely grateful to have been invited to the screen. I won't comment too much on the film we saw (hint: Men in Speedos 2) but I know how great and full on the experience is.

I would love to see the Giant Screen used for films outside of the mainstream.

There's such opportunity to mix up the programming - one offs, art house or experimental films may actually garner a bigger audience on occasion than the blockbusters. The live music and theatre showings like the NT Live model could be fruitful on such a big screen.

By Tim Wilson @Timmy666

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