Birmingham for Nature Lovers - Fox Hollies Park

When I first arrived on a drizzly and grey Monday morning, I was curious to see the park for myself, as, on the map, it looks pretty huge (indeed, it covers some 40 acres of parkland, which, back in 1929 when it was acquired by Birmingham City Parks Department, was valued at £250) and it sounds lovely on the website. 

From the car park by the leisure centre on Gospel Lane, I admit that it doesn't look particularly impressive.  There is a children's play area just off to the side of the car park, and some open land which goes off into the distance, with a neat grey path leading between equally neatly lined trees.  The path disappears on the horizon, and appears to end abruptly at a clump of trees. 

However, like the magical lamppost that shines it's way to the doorway between our world and Narnia, the clump of trees hides hidden gems!

Behind the trees I mentioned, Round Pool can be found, and apparently, it is home to a wide variety of fish (there was a chap fishing there on my visit).  There are small areas of woodland throughout the park, and plenty of large open spaces, ideal for playing, picnicking, running the dog or simply relaxing with a book in the summer! 

Westley Brook meanders its way through the park too.  I found Fox Hollies Park to be very quiet, meeting only man with his Doberman and Greyhound, and a couple with two soppy waggly tailed Chocolate Labradors.   I was warned to watch out for vicious Staffordshire Bull Terriors in the park, who have allegedly attacked and killed smaller dogs, like my dog Finn - thankfully only when it's sunny?! 

I will admit that it did cast a bit of a dampener on my visit, as I felt I had to be on extra high alert, however, we didn't meet any unfriendly dogs at all, and in fact, Finn had a great time playing with a very friendly Doberman! My verdict - a pleasant park with plenty of open space and a descent path which makes for a good circular route. 

Definitely quiet during the day time when the sun isn't out, and like anywhere in the city, it's a good idea to keep a close eye on your dog at all times, just in case there are less well behaved canines out there!

Address: Fox Hollies Park, Gospel Lane, Acocks Green, Birmingham, B27 7EG
Getting there - car parking is at the address above Bus - The number 31 stops on Pollard Road, approximately 3 minutes’ walk away
There is now a Rangers Service, and so many more improvements are planned for the park.
Words and photos by Debra Jane who can be contacted on @debracreates  or read more on her website.
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