Beauty: Top 5 Tips To... Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The first thing people notice are our eyes. The eyes are the main focus in conversation, are what make us individual, and what allows us to see the world with. I often like to accentuate my eyes to make them look wider. Wide eyes make the eyes look more open and enhance your face.

Here are my Top 5 Tips to Achieve a wide-eye-look!

1. Curl the lashes. This may be an obvious one, but by using both eye lash curlers and a great mascara (I recommend Avons Mega Affects Mascara) will help widen the eyes, as sometimes are eyes are hidden by our eyelashes. Lashes with volume and curl really help to open the eyes.

2. Use Colour. Using colour in your eye make - up can really make your eyes pop.  The best result are when using colours which compliment your eye colour. Using colour in the eye lids doesn't have to be scary - try using a coloured mascara or eyeliner if you aren't quite brave enough for a bright eye shadow - yet!

3. Neat Brows. Keeping the eyebrows neat, full and maintained really helps to achieve wide looking eyes. By showing the arch in the brow, it gives the impression of more space, which gives the illusion of bigger eyes. 

4. Highlight. By highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and brow bones, this will help to make the eyes appear larger and wider. When highlighting areas around the eyes, it will give the illusion of more open eyes. Dark circles under the eyes can make the eyes look small and dull; using a highlighting concealer under the eyes will help to avoid large those dark circles. 

5. Smudge Eyeliner. A lot of people feel that eyeliner makes the eyes look smaller. try smudging the eyeliner instead of applying a straight line, as this isn't as harsh. 

There we have it, my five top tips for wider eyes! 

By Zoe Cole who can be contacted on @x_zoelianne_x Read more on Zoe's blog.