Birmingham Nature Lovers: Kingfisher Country Park

After a few weeks of intense work, rainy days off and a holiday, I finally got to visit another place on my list - Kingfisher Country Park.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, and with the trees now in full bloom, it was a stunning place to visit.

Typical of me, I didn't spend any time planning my visit as it was last minute and time restrained.  As a result, I ended up driving around, trying to find somewhere to park.  There are car parks, however, I parked on a side street  just across the road from one of the many entrances in Shard End.

Kingfisher Country Park contains within it Meriden Country Park, which I visited a few weeks back.  It is associated with an 11km stretch of the River Cole running from the Coventry Road (A45) at Small Heath as far as the M6 at Chelmsley Wood.

The area in Shard End was, for me, really pleasurable, as it was more remote and wild. Where I entered the park, there was a  simple pathway, curving off into the distance, with wide open grass areas and trees on either side.  To my right, the River Cole meandered its way through the park.  Birdsong and the flowing river provided the dominant soundtrack.  There is a play area (which was deserted, yet well maintained) and an enclosed court where some older lads were playing basketball. There were a few cyclists who passed us, as the National Cycle network runs through the park too.

Due to the overall size of Kingfisher Country Park, I focused on the local area, as it could be fairly easy to find yourself miles away from where you started!  After walking for approximately 10 minutes, I noticed an opening in the trees towards the river, and headed in that direction.  From there, we ended up doing a fabulous circular walk of around 25 minutes,Beside the river, it really was beautiful and peaceful.  The grass was wild and long, and it truly is a uncultivated area of the city, where nature is allowed to simply do what it does best.

There are plenty of open spaces in the park, and I could certainly imagine enjoying a picnic there in the summer, or having a lazy long walk along the river to explore even more of the park.  As a nature lover, I'd say it really is well worth a visit!

For more information: website Parking :  there are car parks on Glebe Farm Road, Shard End Community Centre, Pithall Road, Gressel Lane, and in Meriden Park.

Words and photos by Debra Jane who can be contacted on @debracreates  or read more on her website.
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