Birmingham Natures Lovers: Kings Heath Park & Highbury Park

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Kings Heath Park & Highbury Park

As these parks are so close to one another, that you could feasible walk from one to the other, I thought I'd write them up as one.

We started off at Kings Heath Park, which is a very picturesque and well-kept park, with a more formal feel.  As there is a Horticultural college there, this is to be expected.  There is also a lovely pond with water features, which is very relaxing.  The walks are gentle, the pathways good, and it's great for disabled access.  It didn't take us very long to walk around the pathways, so is ideal if you don't have a lot of time, or energy!

There is a toilet block outside in the park, but they were pretty unpleasant, so I'd recommend using those inside the college (the ladies are up a flight of stairs). 

Within the college premises, you will find the delightful Victorian Tearooms which does amazing coffee, and has a fabulous looking menu (I'll be going back for lunch in the Autumn, that's for sure) as well as a wide range of cakes and treats. 

Afterwards, we headed over to Highbury Park, which is right next door (you can cross over the road and into Highbury Park from the corner of Avenue Road).  I loved Highbury Park for its wilder feel.  It was once part of Sir Joseph Chamberlain’s estate, as he lived in the adjacent Highbury Hall (which is now a banqueting centre). 

In the early 20th Century, the park was landscaped with extensive tree planting, and the Dutch and Italian gardens were also created.  As well as these smaller areas of formal gardens, there are plenty of wide open spaces, with lots of running space for children and dogs, and many a shady tree under which to sit and read, or picnic. 

Address for Kings Heath Park: Vicarage Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7TQ Kings Heath Park Facilities: Free parking, children's play area, The Victorian Tearooms, toilets, ranger service/events

Address for Highbury Park: Highbury Park, off Shutlock Lane, Kings Heath Highbury Park Facilities: Free parking and children's play area.

Words and photos by Debra Jane who can be contacted on @debracreates  or read more on her website.

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