Birmingham Nature Lovers: Woodgate Valley Country Park

As a first impression, when you pull into the car park, and see the visitors centre, Woodgate Valley is pleasant enough, yet lacking in any particular wow factor.  However, as you start to move away from the main children's play area, the scene begins to open up and becomes quite spectacular.

Behind the visitors centre, there is a large open area, and in the distance, a playing field.  From here, we were able to loop back round using a small trail between the trees.  Returning to the main path, we turned away from the car park, and towards the open ground in the distance.  Meadows bordered us on either side.  To the right, buttercups cheerily sprinkled the grass with bright yellow.  To the left, we could see horses grazing in the distance. As we approached, a couple of the more curious ones came over to the fence, which is (for me) always a delight!

We continued on down the pathway towards some distant trees, and there we found the Bourn Brook which runs through the 450 acre park.  For us, this is where our journey ended, as it was a hot day, and my dog, Finn, had found some fox poo to roll in (thanks Finn!). The park consists of an expanse of mixed terrain, including meadows, woodland, ponds and the brook.  The park has a rural feel to it due to its origins as a collection of farms and smallholdings.

Most definitely worth a visit!

Address: Clapgate Lane, Birmingham B32 3DS

Facilities: Cafe, toilets, education via the Ranger service, events, walks, wheelchair accessible.

Words and photos by Debra Jane who can be contacted on @debracreates  or read more on her website.

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