Book: After the Interview by AA Abbott

The book is based in our two major cities, Birmingham and London and is full of thoroughly familiar landmarks in both. I now can’t walk past St Pancras without looking around for the flat featured!

As the author commented at the recent Meet the Author event, in this book, all the bad things tend to happen in London and the good in Birmingham. The main characters run companies. One started his and the other is an employee that’s risen up the ranks.

Whereas AA Abbott is fascinated by offices and what goes on in them, the book just served to re-remind me why I don’t like working in them. Even non-corporate ones. Every office that looks like, well, looks like an office!

The book title is only explained a little later on as we hear about all the characters eventually bumping into one another or indeed, we discover where they have met before. That must be the most fun part of writing fiction – creating the characters and seeing how they are going to collide.

Despite disliking all of the characters, even those that came good in the end had some major character flaws, it’s an enjoyable, quick read.

By Rickie, reader and founder of Birmingham Favourites

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