Recipe: Bangers & Mash

Well the weather has turned on us in a big way.  It is time to get something warm inside you.  Autumn food should always be stodgy and piping hot [Purely Nick's opinion. Well, and ours - the Ed] 

One of the old pub favourites is Sausage and Mash.  Really simple and always satisfying.  But the key to really make the meal is to go to an actual butchers and buy some decent quality sausages there.  Good sized, tasty sausages.

You need: 

  • Five medium sized potatoes
  • Six butcher’s quality sausages 
  • One red or white onion
  • Two tablespoons of Dijon mustard
  • Two tablespoons of real butter
  • Golden, sticky brown sugar
  • Beef gravy (instant or homemade, depending on what you have available)

You start by peeling the potatoes and cutting them into quarters.  Then boil them for 15 minutes or until they are soft all the way through.

To cook the sausages, you can either oven bake them, grill them or fry them.  Forget frying, they just taste of grease.  Forget grilling, it just burn the outside and doesn’t really cook through to the middle.  The best way is to cook them in the oven, at 210 degrees for ten minutes on a baking tray, and on grease-proof paper.

Drain off the water completely and transfer the potatoes to a mixing bowl.  Use a potato masher to mash them down.  Alternatively, if you have a potato ricer, squash them through it.  (Basically a potato ricer is like a huge garlic press, and a good investment.)

Add the butter, the Dijon mustard and a twist of salt and pepper.  Mix them well, and set aside.

Take a frying pan and add a very small drop of oil.  Then peel and slice an onion and fry until it softens and goes a gentle brown.  Add two tablespoons of sugar and allow it to melt in.  Mix it well with your onions.

Heat your gravy until it is piping hot.  This is one of the most important points of the meal.

Take a warm, large plate or bowl (bowl works best) and place a ball of mashed potato in the middle.  Flatten down the middle with a spoon.  Add a tablespoon of onions and caramelized sugar on top.  Arrange three sausages around the mash, either lying down or standing up.  Pour the gravy over the centre, and allow it to trickle slowly over the sausages.

And serve.  It should see you through a cold winter’s night.

By chef Nick Gilmartin who can be contacted on @Nick1975 or find out more here.