At The Flix with @Timmy666


Merry Christmas to you all. As you tuck into your left over Turkey trawling through the (lack of) seasonal TV options, rest assured there are a few new movies opening for Boxing Day.

So, we have a bite sized #AtTheFlix this week to trawl over the releases.

Big Eyes (12A)

Some of Burton's very best films such as Ed Wood have had a smaller canvas. Maybe it's because he is able to 'riff' off something that doesn't have all 'the' predictable traits of a Tim Burton film. Further with the scriptwriters of Larry Flint and you have an intriguing proposition.

So this combination should be exciting - and it's a film where we are rooting for Amy Adams on the right side of the psychological compass.

I have seen some mixed reviews but I am looking forward to seeing this.

Exodus: Gods and Kings (3D) (12A) 

Epic in proportion and ambitions, Ridley Scott is nothing if not both of those things in returning to familiar territory and lashings of style and scope.

As biblical stories go, this is a biggie with Moses and Ramses. Will the film match it? There are swords, chariots, beards and Batman, so go find out for yourself.

Unbroken (15)

Angelina Jolie's directorial debut tells the true story of athlete Louis Zamperini who gets caught in the heart of World War and a tale principally about courage.

Jolie doesn't shy away from the dirty realities of war whilst also combining it with the life affirming and ennobling aspects of its lead.

It's a challenging film which tries to encompass a lot of ideas. Is Jolie up to the task?

Annie (PG)

A Broadway classic gets a big screen makeover presumably to give a new young generation a take on what was originally a Depression-era musical.

The one reason to watch this film is Quvenzhane Wallis who was so compelling in 2012's Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Sadly critical acclaim has not been forthcoming, criticism being laid at a whole variety of things -  formula, schmaltz and dubious tunes.

That's it from me today. Short and sweet, much like a quality mince pie. Enjoy the rest of the festive period one and all!

By Tim Wilson @Timmy666