Keeping House: Cleaning tips from Chef Nick

Well hello, you lovely lot.  I hope your year has got off to a good start?  We have lots of delicious food to cook this year, including plenty of warm food coming up soon plus a romantic meal for two in February.  From there we will be getting in to spring chicken and then start on the summer months.  Trust me, the time will fly by.


But first and foremost, we need to deep clean the kitchen.

No one likes the grungy jobs, but they are highly necessary as a kitchen can acquire an awful lot of dirt and germs in a relatively short space of time.

You will need at least the following:

  • Green scourer pads
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wire wool
  • Bleach
  • Oven cleaner
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Sponges
  • J-cloths
  • Cling film
  • Detergent
  • Lots of hot water
  • Kitchen roll

Let's start with the cupboards, and the top shelf.  Remove every item, and check the dates of everything.  If anything is out of date, throw it out.  If you have any open packets, cling film the inner bag to keep them fresh.  

Take a bowl, add a little washing up liquid or mild detergent, and top up with very warm water.  (I use it out of a kettle)  Apply your gloves, take a green scourer and scrub the shelves clean.  This cleans off any sticky marks or loose flour and crumbs that every cupboard picks up.  Dry with kitchen roll. When you are done, wipe the bottom of every jar and bottle. This will save you having to do the whole job again in a week.

Open the fridge and repeat the actions as above.  Check every packet, every bottle and every container.  Smell test everything that is open.  If it smells less than at its best, throw it. Make sure that all sealable containers are sealed properly.  Remove the shelves, and scrub them thoroughly.  Rinse them clean under the tap and dry with kitchen roll.  Now clean out the interior of the fridge with a green scourer and hot water and detergent.  Dry the outside with kitchen roll.

Freezers need defrosting every six weeks.  Remove what is inside it.  If you can use it up, do so.  If not, then you need to find another freezer for your stuff, for a night.  What you need to do is turn it off, and leave the damn thing alone.  Just place an old towel in the base to soak up the drainage water.  Don't pick the ice off, don't take a knife to it, just leave it with the door ajar.  After 24 hours it will be free of ice and back in perfect working order.

If you have a fridge freezer combination, remember to remove everything from your fridge too, or it will spoil.

Part two coming up once you've taken care of this little lot. Contact Nick via Twitter @Nick1975 or take a look at his website.

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