Foodie Faves: Edwardian Tea Rooms

Have you ever see your city through the eyes of a tourist?

Sometimes it takes a friend visiting from out of town that makes us see our city through the fresh eyes of a tourist. So when a friend came to visit from Devon who’d already stayed with me before, I decided to take her to some places we had yet to visit.

I’d been meaning to try the new look Edwardian Tea Rooms in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for some time and we thought it a good as place as any to fill up on a nourishing snack before the trip back to the south west. After a stroll around one of the floors of the museum, we enter the colourful ETR and pour over the wide-ranging  menu. So much for a snack; we end of with boulder sized jacket potatoes and served with a decent salad; a full-on meal and great value at under a fiver, especially in such majestic surroundings.

The only complication is that you have to get a table number before you then queue up to order your food at the till. Tricky when you’re on your lonesome but even when you are with people. It’s such an enormous space and you need to leave some personal belongings in order to let others know the table is taken and the staff won’t take your order without it! Even more troublesome when I went back the following week and just wanted a coffee while I work. I understand it helps to know you have a table before you bother to queue but it is a big space so tables aplenty, even during busy Sunday afternoons.

They currently have offers every day including 10% off brunch on Saturday mornings and a second wine/beer free when you buy two Sunday roasts.

The restaurant is gorgeous to be in and super comfortable, which is why I’ve gone back three Sundays in a row!

By Rickie J, founder & editor of Birmingham Favourites @BrumFaves @RickieWrites

Photos: courtesy of BMAG