At The Flix with @Timmy666

Greetings one and all and welcome to this week’s At The Flix. One blockbuster is dominating proceedings this week yet as always there are other films too.

Let’s take a peek ….

The Avengers: Age of Ultron (12A)

Whilst I’m a fan of the films, albeit with decreasing levels of expectation, I’m no Marvel expert. Indeed, Ultron sounds like a form of washing powder. Little did I know their resonance until the trailer was released which plays as a kind of large superhero scrap with Transformer style robots and a cast of all our favourite Marvel heroes. Thankfully, with Joss Whedon on board again, you should get a lot more fun in the non-action moments and the superhero bromance.

Hasten to add, it’s likely to blast every other film out of the water in terms of box office takings this week, next week and maybe the week after too!

The Falling (15)

Carol Morley’s film got rave reviews during the festival season in Autumn 2014 and whilst it has been a long time in coming out on mainstream release, this acclaim can only have helped.

The film is about a mysterious outbreak of mass hysterical fainting at a girls’ school in the late 1960s - Morley explores the dynamics of how both pupils and adults respond to the outbreak including its attribution to denied or displaced sexuality. 

 It has a great cast including Maxine Peake, Maisie Williams and Greta Scatchi and it’s fantastic to see this film on release this week.

The Good Lie (12A)

Showing at the mac for a few nights next week, Susanne Bier returns to her native Denmark to direct this thriller about infant death and changeling children.

Bier is an often great director who can often combine both concept and drama in equal measure. Sadly, like her previous film Serena, this has not received very positive reviews.

A Second Chance (15)

This film tells the story of four refugees from Sudan – known as “The Lost Boys” who are given the opportunity to relocate to the USA. The story tells their story from vicious civil war to being picked up by a humanitarian group who work hard to bring them and several thousand other lost boys and girls to America.

The film tracks the hard realities not only a war torn country but their struggle to adapt to American life and to find work. They turn to Carrie Davis, played by Reese Witherspoon, to help them to adapt and rebuild their lives.

A Second Chance has received largely positive reviews. It is a Hollywood production and one which has been praised for its honesty, restraint and poignancy.

Finally, for a more quirky experience next week, check Film Food Club’s showing of Dirty Dancing (15) next Thursday 30th April for sparkles, food and something also called a film as well! No one puts Swayze in the corner, as well.

That’s it from me, as always if you have comments or quibbles, please do send them my way on twitter at @timmy666. Have a great week at the cinema and tune in next week for more #AtTheFlix.