AtTheFlix with @Timmy666

Hello one and all, welcome to this week’s At The Flix. This is a strong week of releases so let’s waste no time and get stuck in.

Mad Max: Fury Road (15)

George Miller’s post-apocalyptic world is brought back to life, and with what gusto!

There’s action … and the action is frenetic! The film has a vigorous beating steampunk heart wrapped in the crunch of metal, and many have already pointed to Charlize Theron’s Imperiator Furiosa as providing a large amount of its heart.

The film’s destruction is based behind a premise of choice and consequence. In addition to Theron, the casting seems ideal before a word has been spoken. The always excellent Tom Hardy is made for Mad Max and Nicholas Hoult is hardly recognisable!

Having already picked up a raft of five star reviews and 99% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, George Miller’s unique vision has caught the wave of critical acclaim.

Pitch Perfect 2 (12A)

Given a second bite after the massive hit of the original, the film serves as a second verse to the first and the big Glee style showpiece song numbers and routines are back. The approach is virtually the same, as is the cast including the talented Anna Kendrick.

The plot is even the same, the Barden Bellas must improve a stale repertoire if they hope to win a competition.

In every respect, the lack of surprise could be a benefit as much as a distraction.

Either way, it's likely to be a hit. Expect Pitch Perfect 3 at some point.

A Royal Night Out (12A)

Julian Jarrold’s new film is a comedy drama set on VE Day in London. The premise is that Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are let out of Buckingham Palace to go and celebrate with the masses, enjoying a rush of freedom and the ensuing consequences of this - travelling on the bus, dancing in the fountain on Trafalgar Square.

It seems like a very appropriate film to be bringing out in light of recent commemorations, a recreation of 40s London, and a coincidental and contrived scenario playing loose with fact... and that’s the point!

Critics have praised the film for Jerrold’s joyous direction and the excellent casting including the two leads Sarah Gadon as the future Queen and Bel Powley as Princess Margaret. It’s worth watching alone for Emily Watson as the princesses’ mother as well.


At the mac, there’s another chance for folks to X+Y (12A) (showing Fri 15 - Sun 17), Morgan Matthew’s debut feature, a well acted coming-of-age drama about a teenage young maths genius thwarted by love. There’s also the opportunity to see the Argerich (PG) (showing Mon 18 - Thurs 21), an intimate family portrait by daughter Stephanie Argerich of her musical heavyweight parents Martha Argerich and Stephen Kovacevitch.

Be sure to also watch out for a couple of showings of Fellini’s masterpiece 8 1/2 (15) at the Electric over the weekend as well. 


That’s all for this week. If you have any comments about any of the above, be sure to drop me a tweet @timmy666. I wish you great week at the movies! See you next week for more At The Flix!