New Brum Fave: Mission Burritos

Hola Amigos, I have one last bit of news before Mexican May draws to a close.  As luck would have it, a whole new Burrito cafe has opened up in Brindleyplace and I was invited down to take a look and try a sample.

I found the place easily enough, it was right next to Carluccio's, and already they were queuing out the door.  I quickly realized that this was because they were giving away free Burritos.  One thing my time here has taught me is that nothing gets between a Brummie and a free lunch. 

I was introduced to Jan Rasmussen, a nice, approachable guy who founded Mission Burritos only a few years ago.  His story starts in San Francisco, where he was working as an IT Engineer at the time. He loved his time in the city, which he highly recommends. His favourite place was the Mission district, where the Mexican community had a food market at the weekend.  He loved their Tacos, which were cooked fresh, right in front of you, using the best ingredients from the market.

The Mexicans were a very open, hospitable community, and their big celebration day was Cinque de Mayo, when they closed the whole district for one big party with parades, games and all sorts of things. He returned to London a year later with a head full of ideas, and a heart that was no longer in IT.  He wanted to bring Mexican food to the UK.  This had been done before, of course, but this time he would make sure it would be 2done properly".

Everything is cooked on the premises, using locally sourced ingredients, helping local farmers and butchers.  But this has not been without challenges, namely, finding quality avocados at a decent price, all year round.  This has proved to be an ongoing challenge. Many of their sauces are imported direct from Mexico. So, moving on, I was invited to first try their Salsa sauces.

  1. The first one I tried was the Green Salsa Verde....hhmm, not bad.
  2. The second one was the amber coloured Pico de that was a cheeky little number with a little after burn    
  3. The third was the red Habanero Salsa ..... Sweet.  Holy.  Jesus, my mouth is on fire.

I was directed to the table where they kept water and a few glasses, and I did a good impression of the Flash as I made my way over. 

Then after we took a few photos of the decor, it was time to try their Burritos.  Now this was the bit I had been looking forward to.  I opted for the Carnitas, which is slow cooked pulled pork with orange zest and thyme.  It tastes amazing.  I had it with some Romain lettuce, Guacamole and sour cream.

Watching them prepare this thing showed that there is a dark art to wrapping a Burrito that I am still yet to master.  They had it wrapped, baked and presented in a nice foil package in just a few seconds.  Mine just leak and have bits sticking out everywhere. In size, this thing was huge, and well worth the money, and perfect for a lunch time snack on the go.

For more information, take a look at their website.

Words & photos by chef Nick Gilmartin who can be contacted on @Nick1975 or find out more here.