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Entourage (15)

Not only what should be a welcome big screen outing for the hit TV show, but one which will likely be a hit irrespective of critical opinion.

If ever there was a TV series that could, potentially, do something a bit knowing and satirical with going from the small to the big screen, it could be this.

Indeed, if nothing else, the film is littered with (self-deprecating) cameos, notably Mark Wahlberg, and these send ups will likely attract a new crowd on top of those converted from the TV series.

The big question is whether or not Entourage as a film can bring in enough substance to warrant its big screen appearance.

Sadly, judging from initial critical consensus, it's a very mixed bag, with opinion highlighting that the cameos dominate.

I hope that this isn't the case as it's the interplay between the four main characters and friends that was always the key draw and where Entourage, as a TV series, thrived.

Mr. Holmes (PG)

If ever a role was made for Ian McKellen, it is this one.

Sherlock Holmes continues to garner such traction in the popular imagination - and all versions have much to commend them for, whether Brett, Everett, Downey Jr, Cumberbatch or now Sir Ian!

It’s a tribute to the canon of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that we are able to reap the rewards of this most fascinating of characters time and time again!

The publicity depicts McKellen in the trad old-school Holmes manner, top hat and all, yet this perhaps mis-sells the film.

This is a McKellen Holmes, depicting both a 93 year old man contemplating death, interplayed with a full on hop, skip and jump younger version of the character.

McKellen is at the top of his game! If ever an actor just becomes more fascinating with age, it is him. Director Bill Condon, who worked with McKellen on the magnificent Gods and Monsters, knows this all too well.

Put a camera in front of this meteoric stage and screen presence and the audience gets rewards!

The Tribe (18)

Showing at the mac from Tue 23 – Thu 25 Jun, The Tribe is a challenging Ukrainian film following Sergey, who on entering a boarding school for the deaf, becomes embroiled in The Tribe, an underworld student gang dealing in crime and prostitution. He initially avoids the group but soon starts his way up the chain of command.

Garnering largely positive reviews, the film has been commented on for the challenge of portraying the world of deaf people in such a way. It is though a very stark and human tale - many brutal realities brought to a head and clearly its director is playing with both the audience’s understanding as well as cinematic expectation.

Timbuktu (12A)

Showing Sunday and Monday at the Electric, Timbuktu is Abderrahmane Sissako’s acclaimed portrayal of peaceful rural life brought to a head by the regime of terror posed by Jihadists.

This is a world where music, laughter, cigarettes and even soccer have been banned. The lead characters of this film are women who resist and do so with dignity. This film follows a family through their battle, spared the atrocities and indignities that those around them face.

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