The Birmingham Trail: Sweet Tooth Trail Challenge

Birmingham is a brilliant city. It caters for the most diverse of tastes and softens the stoniest of cynics. There really is something for everyone. Our resident trail finder, Gemma Corden, is here to prove it. Challenge her if you dare.

The Sweet Tooth Trail

Ideal for: sugar addicts and old fairground enthusiasts (that must be a thing)

Avoid if: you’re a dentist-phobe

Bring // Youll need: a bus / train ticket. And Listerine.

Terrain: there will be (sugar) highs and lows

The start: The Black Country Living Museum

‘Why are we trekking out to Dudley?’ your companions may rightly ask. ‘I thought we’d be going to Cadbury World?’ It’s simple – Cadbury World doesn’t have the Brooklyn Cakewalk. Possibly the best fairground ride known to man - certainly the most underrated - the concept is deliciously simple and so much harder (and more fun) than it sounds. You have to walk from one end of a gangway to another...only the whole thing is furiously rattling. Nothing beats watching your Dad attempting to walk the plank, vibrating like he's been plugged into the mains. You'll be buzzing afterwards. Literally. Those Victorians knew how to let loose (the ride dates back to 1910).

Tipton Road, Dudley DY1 4SQ

Open daily, 10am-5pm

Take the train from Birmingham New Street Station (or, when it sheds its caterpillar status, Grand Central...) to Tipton. One mile walk to the museum.

The middle bit: Chitty’s Cake Classes – The Custard Factory, Digbeth

Who doesn't love sugarcraft? It seems as though we just can't get enough of cupcakes these days, luckily Chitty's Cakes are on hand to ensure our bakes don't disappoint. They have a teaching studio in, appropriately, the Custard Factory where they offer a whole host of classes in baking and decoration, all of which are suitable for beginners. There are short classes on a Saturday afternoon - best get practising as The Bake Off gets into full swing...

Studio 417-418, Scott House, Custard Factory B9 4AA

Classes run throughout the week

The Custard Factory is a short-ish walk (approx 15 mins) from New Street Station.

The end: The Jekyll and Hyde

You’ll probably never want to set eyes on icing again again. Time for a stiff drink – why not slump from your sugar comedown in a darkened room, fortified by a cocktail from the Jekyll and Hyde's Confectionary Corner. Lemon Bon Bon, anyone? Strawberry Laces? Make mine a Jelly Babies.

28 Steelhouse Lane, City Centre B4 6BJ

Open Mon - Sun, til late

The pub is another short-ish walk (20 mins) from the Custard Factory


While you’re in the Custard Factory it’s worth stopping by McTunneys Sweet Emporium. There’s 40 different lollipop flavours. Yes – 40.

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Words by Gemma Corden - writer, unashamedly banging on about Birmingham. Contact via @gemma_corden or find out more about her here or even more here.


Photos kindly supplied by the venues.